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Automate Brevard - Melbourne, FL Cocoa Beach
“My Home Is Smarter Than Your Home”


Planning & Design

Automate Brevard is committed to provide the most cost-effective and comprehensive solutions that make your home smarter. Our goal is to ensure that we minimize your spending and add value to your daily lifestyle, by developing a customized solution using the most appropriate off the shelf products and integrating those systems using best practices developed by us.

Pro Installation

With years of experience and professional certifications, we take the guess work out of installation. Whether it is upgrading your slow or bad wireless coverage, automating Lights, Locks, HVAC or upgrading your existing Alarm/, AV, Irrigation systems our trained professionals will take the time to do it right.

Custom Integration

Our custom integrations allow for a more intelligent home by using the existing systems that you already own and making them smarter. Some key highlights include integration with existing Alarm Systems, Pool Automation, Irrigation Systems, and Audio/Video Systems. By integrating these technologies you will have less apps to use and can make "things" happen automatically, such as turning the alarm on when you leave or turning off the HVAC and running the sprinklers if a fire happens.

Why Home Automation


  • View and control all your devices, appliances and entertainment all from one place and from anywhere
  • Your phone, tablet or laptop is the remote for your house
  • No more running around the house every time you go to leave or are going to bed to turn off lights and lock the doors, 1 button on your phone or a command through voice control and you are set
  • Ever have your doorbell ring at night? Scrambling around to turn on the porch light? Never again... As soon as there is motion at your door the light will automatically come on.

Security & Safety

  • Integrate your existing Security System or use the built-in one with your Smart Home
  • How often do you forget to arm your alarm? With a Smart Home, you can automatically Arm/Disarm based on your location and when you go to sleep/wake up
  • Driving home at night? Your house will welcome you by turning on the exterior lights, the garage light, unlock the door and open the garage.
  • Self and/or professionally monitor your home and ensure that it remains safe and secure
  • When your alarm goes off, you can be alerted on your phone whether it is a break-in, a leak under the sink or a fire.


  • Lower your energy bills while optimizing your heating, cooling and lighting
  • Save water by skipping irrigation when it rains
  • Save money by reusing your existing systems and without the high expense of contracts or luxury dealers
  • Save time by automatically performing morning, departing, arriving and goodnight activities.

Technology Solutions


Home Automation has evolved in the past few years from being an exclusive high end consumer and business product to a product that can help anyone improve their lives.

Driven by the goal to make smart home technology accessible to anyone, Automate Brevard has been established to help people achieve a better livestyle!

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